A Long-Awaited Opening

Danny Raskin:
Detroit Jewish News

AN AUDIENCE OF more than 2,500  saw a miracle … Frank Sinatra had returned … Well, almost as former Detroiter Bob Anderson, world-class impressionist, assisted no end by Academy award-winning makeup artist Kazu Tsuji (Churchill) was Joe Vicari’s and his Andiamo Restaurants’ big gift to a many-times standing ovation of Bob in his one-man performance of “Frank, the Man the Music” at Detroit Opera House.

Of all the Sinatra impressionists I have seen, plus the real thing, Bob Anderson by far comes the closest with his exact gyrations, gestures and vocal intonations …The eerie feelings of an impersonated reincarnation of Frank Sinatra by the many attendees who listened to his two-hours of singing and exact impressions will attest to an unforgettable closeness.