These are some of the artists you may hear in a Bob Anderson performance:

Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis Jr.
Tony Bennett
Bobby Darin
Nat King Cole
Mel Torme’
Johnny Mathis
Jack Jones
Louis Armstrong
Harry Connick Jr.
Michael Buble’
Ray Charles
Boz Scaggs
Tom Jones
Englebert Humperdink
Neil Diamond

When People Magazine, named Bob Anderson “America’s Greatest Singing Impressionist”…it was truly a wonderful compliment. However, Bob Anderson is not an impressionist… he is an Actor who rates with Bennett and Sinatra as a jazz saloon singer. Listen to his interpretation of the great Johnny Mercer song, I Remember You on his home page. What separates Bob from other impressionist is his mastery of the signature stylings of each individual that he recreates, and his level of detail that he devotes to each recreation. He is an actor who becomes his subjects.

Other impressionists provide short caricature sketches to get a laugh. Bob takes on the personality of the artists in every way. Tom Jones and Jack Jones, both got it right when they said, “The reason Bob is the best at what he does, is because he actually sings as well as the person he is doing!” Bob is the only one, who is unanimously indorsed by his peers. If your desire is to get a taste of what the greatest singers and entertainers were really all about…you must catch a Bob Anderson performance.


Video - Bob with Tony Bennett
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